Al bundy quotes

al bundy quotes

There was only one man who could insult people like only Al Bundy could! " Copyright Disclaimer Under. I'm married with children. * Strike!! * It's only a game if you win but if you lose it's a stinking waste of time. * If God had wanted women to play ball, he would've. 15 Enlightening Al Bundy Quotes On Marriage For The Young Couples. Onedio > Funny- Al Bundy was a happy man 'Til the day hey got. Onedio Listicle Quiz Video Women Men Funny. Originally Posted by Ex Ranza. Woah man, now we're having fun! Those are my kids and I sell womens' shoes. Newer Post Older Post Home. Tell her I said 'oink'. al bundy quotes


Al Bundy explaining why men are idiots

Al bundy quotes - bietet außerdem

Onedio Listicle Quiz Video Women Men Funny. Fantasy Broker A postal clerk wants to be a stand-up comedian for one night. Why the hell am I here? A woman is only sexy until she becomes your wife. I have to sleep with mine. It's just that we don't believe in love.


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